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The game involves rolling five dice up to 3 times to make various combinations, which are noted on a scorecard. A Balut is a five-of-a-kind of any denomination, but unlike in Yahtzee it counts for little in terms of points. Players who obtain a Balut announce it to the other players by calling out "Balut!"—similar to calling out "bingo!", and note it on a special scorecard. Players try to guess before game play how many Baluts will be made during the game; correctly guessing the total number can earn a prize.

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Each game consists of 28 rounds in which players try to score four separate times for each of the seven categories marked on their score sheet.

In each turn a player has up to three throws rolling the dice, setting aside any they wish to use for a category and rolling the remainder. They do not have to use all three throws and may stop after the first or second. Players must fill in a score for a category after each turn but once it is used they may not be changed. It is quite common for a player to enter zero for a category because they are unable to fulfill its criteria. Categories may be filled in any order.

Fours Scores total of all the fours rolled. Fives Scores total of all the fives rolled. Sixes Scores total of all the sixes rolled. Straight Either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (small straight) or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (large straight), which scores the total of the five consecutive dice values rolled, 15 for a small straight or 20 for a large. Full House Three-of-a-kind and a pair which scores the total of all five dice values. Choice No pattern required, which simply scores the total of all five dice values. Balut Five-of-a-kind which scores 20 plus the total of all five dice values.

After each player has had 28 turns and all the categories on their score sheets have been filled, the scores are totaled. Players then get points for fulfilling certain criteria for their category scores. The points awarded for each category score are as follows:

__Required Category Score__

Points Awarded__

Fours scores more than 52


Fives scores more than 65


Sixes scores more than 78


All Straights scored


All Full Houses scored


Choices above 100


Each Balut scores...

2 each

Players then score one set of further points for their score total:

__Total Score__

Points Awarded__

0 - 299


300 - 349


350 - 399


400 - 449


450 - 499


500 - 549


550 - 599


600 - 649


650 - 812


Players' points are then totaled and the player with the highest points total, wins the game. 29 points is the maximum score possible in a game.

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