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Pig, also called hog, is a simple dice game with a wide range of variation and history of being frequently played with added off-the-cuff rules.

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One and two

Each turn, a player repeatedly rolls a die until either a 1 is rolled or the player decides to hold. If the player rolls a 1, they score nothing and it becomes the next player's turn. If the player rolls any other number, it is added to their turn total and the player's turn continues. If a player chooses to "hold", their turn total is added to their score, and it becomes the next player's turn. The first player to score 100 or more points wins.

Alternatively roll 2 dice, total up the pips and add them as points. If you get a single 1, you score nothing. If you get 2 1's, your total score goes back to 0.

Big Pig is a variation similar to two dice Pig, except: if two 1s are rolled, the player adds 25 to the turn total and if other doubles are rolled, the player adds twice the value of the dice to the turn total.

Skunk or Think is another variation played with large groups. Rather than rolling in turn, all players begin the round standing. At any point in the round, a player may hold by sitting down. The round continues until a 1 is rolled, or all players have sat down. Skunk is played in five rounds, and scoring is recorded in a 5-column table with columns labeled with the letters of the word "SKUNK". The first round score is entered in the "S"-column, the next in the first "K"-column, and so on. After five rounds, the highest-scoring player is the winner.

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