Welcome to the Tabletop Research Wiki Edit

This is a Wiki for tabletop game design and research with a particular emphasis on rules or mechanics.

This community is also new to building a wiki, so implementation and ordering entries will continue to be a work in progress until we get the hang of it.

Please use the menu at the top for navigating the site. Hopefully you find something you like. :)

On Researching Game Mechanics Edit

A founding emphasis for this site is to collect and study rules for any sort of play capable of being categorized as a tabletop game. Learning more about the process of game play, especially with regards to well established rule-sets, provides insight into the sort of activities people return to time and time again. There's a lot we can do with an improved understanding of the games we play and how we play them: the idea is to draw some of that out here.

Additional Resources and References Edit

Rules Organized by Materials - The closest thing to a sitemap for the articles on the wiki so far.

Community Guidelines - A link to the Wikia example community guidelines.

Dice with varying sides are used in many of the oldest games from recorded history.

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